Navigating the world of precision agriculture can be a complicated and difficult journey.
Incompass is your guide.
This all-inclusive program assembles multiple farm data collection and analysis tools to help farmers utilize crop inputs more efficiently and realize maximum economic yields. Incompass brings together Co-op’s agronomy technology products and services such as soil sampling, field-mapping, recordkeeping, satellite and aerial imagery, and variable-rate crop nutrients, crop protection, and seeding. Plus, we offer knowledgeable recommendations to meet your farm’s individual needs.


Field Mapping

Includes GIS/ GPS mapping of grower, farm, field, and zone properties and base layer data that would be common to all users and functions. Soil type, imagery, roads are example base layers.

Site-Specific Mapping

Tools for collecting, manipulating, viewing and reporting site-specific data. This included soil, tissue, nematode, yield, electrical conductivity, crop sensors, planting, application, elevation and other spatial data.

As-Planted and As-Applied Mapping

Automated and manual processing of digital logs from rate controllers.

Yield Analysis Tools

Summarizing crop yield results by geography, inputs, time, genetics, or any other definable entry.

Product Trials and Evaluation Looks

Simple tools to summarize yield within a field and be able to compare zones identified as different and produce reports that evaluate the economics of each zone.

Variable Rate Application

Creation of application maps, controller output files, load sheets and related documentation for machine control of product application.

Field Scouting

ln-field recording of observations, including: crop status, growth stage, condition, weeds and pests. With API Integration.

Soil, Tissue, Nematode, and Water Sampling

Collection, processing, analysis, and presentation of field or zone sample information.

Plant Nutrient Decision Support Tools

Tools to assist crop managers in making plant nutrition product choices and rate decisions based on field testing data.

Map-Based Logistics Management

Tracking and inventory of equipment used to deliver products and services. Includes ability to set live tracking alerts for speed, time, geo-fencing as well as comprehensive reporting on hours, alerts summaries and mileage.

Enterprise Data Management

Tools for searching, mining, querying, and summarizing spatial, temporal and tabular data for market intelligence and understanding crop trends for better management decisions.

Work Order and Activity Management

Management of the work order process for soil mapping, custom aerial and ground application, Tillage, Harvest and other operational activities.

Record Keeping

Gathering and storage of comprehensive field observations, recommendations, applications, field operations, and expenses.

Recommendation Writing and Label Checking

Computer written field recommendations, automated label verification, storage and retrieval. This includes any product or service that is recommended.

Weather Data Integration

Monitoring and reporting or weather data variable from 3rd party sources for decision making and field activities. New API's for Pests, Disease and Crop Modeling for the Tracking and forecasting of pest, disease pressure and plant phenology for better crop decisions, and recommendations.